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Chasilidis Construction company is a Greek company specialized in innovative projects mainly in heavy construction. Well known in the International Market is our Handmade Semi-submarine Project "Niriida".

The founder Mr Stefanos Chasilidis who originaly had the vision, was leading and supervising all the consctruction work up to the final project.

The Company has seperate divisions in Design and Production, with high qualified exprerienced people in charge of the design and production of all our projects. The Design, the Choice of High Quality Materials, the Luxury Feeling and the Safety of the boat makes "Niriida" an Innovating Unique Semi-submarine.

Semi-submarine Project "Niriida" can be delivered in three Handmade versions fully customized to customer needs and one mass production standard version fully customized in accessories & equipment only.

Have you ever dreamed your own unique semi submarine boat? It's our pleasure to make it real...

Stefanos Chasilidis


It's very hard being innovative in present days. Innovation was one-way for us in order to Develop our Inspiration "Niriida" Semi-submarine.

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Quality, Safety and full customer satisfaction are our srandards for the Innovative Handmade and other Projects.

We know how to achieve our goals

All the research and experience we have from all our projects secures the maximum of our goal achievement.


There is a standard 12-seats version Handmade Semi-submarine fully customized in equipment, accessories and specifications.

We also provide a basic 12-seats mass production version with standard specifications customized in equipment and accessories only.

There are also Handmade Semi-submarine versions of 18-seats or 24-seats fully customized in specifications equipment and accessories according to customer needs / demands.

All our projects are of High Quality Design & Material fully complied to strict International Safety Standards.


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